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About Us


About Us


PRAD Radiation Partners, Ltd. was founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 2018.  Our team of Physicists have over 17 years of experience and are qualified in the areas of Radiation Protection and Medical Physics.

Originally our company emerged from a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to offering quality Radioprotection services and the continuous training of occupationally exposed workers in their countries. We were dissatisfied with the standard of services offered in this particular niche of the medical industry. Coming together in September 2006, the group honed multiple skills, experience and knowledge of quality service standards to form PRAD's parent company in Costa Rica. Knowing the importance of this work and seeing how this development would positively influence the existing standards, we sought to impact the private and public aspect of radiological safety in Costa Rica and Central America. 




Our team is comprised of Medical Physicists, Nuclear Engineers, Radiotherapists, Doctors,  and Radiologists. We maintain the support of Proxdose, a U.S. based corporation and our sister companies located in Mexico, Peru and Switzerland. 




Our aim is to provide the necessary technical support for radiological protection programs within facilities that utilize ionizing radiation. Our team of professionals is trained to handle sophisticated machinery and always prepared to deliver the highest quality service. We ensure this standard by being fully adaptable to the needs of our customers and the working environment. With the pace of technological advancement in our field, we constantly meet and maintain international radiological safety standards wherever we work.





We are very conscious of our earth and put our efforts into making purposeful decisions to preserve it. Keeping this in mind in the future, we want to become the leading company within Central America and the Caribbean known for our innovative use of green technologies and introduction of improvement practices, associated with the use of ionizing radiation. All aspects of our operation are carried out in an environmental friendly fashion keeping in line with the peaceful purpose of our mission.  

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PRAD Radiation Partners, Ltd. has local offices and affiliates within Central America and the Caribbean providing prestigious clients with quality radiation protection and medical physics services. A few of our locations include: 

  • Suriname

  • Costa Rica

  • Guatemala

  • El Salvador

  • Nicaragua

  • Honduras

  • Panama

  • Jamaica

  • Trinidad 

  • Tobago


Meet The Team

Our team is composed of Medical Physicists, Nuclear Engineers, Radiotherapists Doctors and Radiologists. We also have the support of Proxdose, a U.S. based corporation and our sister companies located in Mexico, Peru and Switzerland.

Elizabeth Paucar, MBA

Untitled design_edited.png

Director, Business Development

Mobile: 954-240-7770

Jorge Issac Rojas

Isaac Headshot image2.jpg

Director, Physicist


image0 (1).jpeg

Rahje Shields, BSc, MSc.

Country Manager and

Medical Physicist



David Sanchez

David Sanchez.jpg

Dosimetrist and Radiation Protection Expert

Cindy Ramirez Assit Manager.jpg

Cindy Ramirez

Assistant Manager

Reina Jimenez.jpg

Reina Jimenez

Medical Physicist

Giuliana Reyes.jpg

Giulana Reyes

Medical Physicist

Ricardo Mejias.jpg

Ricardo Mejias

Medical Physicist

stephanie quesada.jpg

Stephany Quesada


leonel gonzalez.jpg
Gabriela Leon.jpg

Leonel Gonzalez

TLD Laboratory Expert

Gabriela Leon Gonzalez


Sergio Hidalgo

Dosimetist and Therapist

Mariela Lopez.jpg

Mariela Lopez


Mariela Lopez.jpg

Mariela Lopez


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