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We provide technical support necessary to radiological protection programs of facilities that use sources of ionizing radiation in the country, through the provision of personalized professional services, highly sophisticated and fully adaptable to the needs of our customers and the use of technological equipment with the highest quality standards, so that these programs meet and maintain international radiological safety standards.


Consultancy Services

Provide complete assessment of shield calculation for radiation facilities with expert medical advice on Radiation Protection standards accordance with regulatory guidance.



Personal dosimetry radiation monitoring systems include a set of real-time personal radiation dosimeters, coupled with a display and software, to provide a complete, immediate visual of radiation exposure that monitor and protect your employees from radiation.


Radiation Oncology Physics

Let our team of well-credentialed radiation safety specialists provide the expertise your patients deserve. PRAD Radiation Partners radiation oncology physicists help hospitals and cancer centers assure the accurate delivery of a patient’s treatment plan together with oncologists and others. In addition, they provide equipment commissioning, dosimetry support, design shielding and planning and more.


Radiation Protection Equipment

While the field of radiology is responsible for significant medical advancements, it’s not without its risks. Both patients and staff involved in imaging may be exposed to radiation that penetrates the body and is partially absorbed by bones, organs, and tissue. PRAD Radiation Partners provide some of the best safety garments solutions to protect your staff and patients.


Radiation Safety Training

We provide comprehensive radiation safety training for industrial personnel across the island. We offer a range of safety training courses with materials, instruction and hands-on guided practice specifically developed to address the unique needs of your industry.


Design of Radiation Facilities

Keeping your devices in their best condition for when you need them

Design and implementation of Quality Assurance Programs:

  • Mammography   

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance       

  • Nuclear medicine


Ad Hoc Projects 

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