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  • What we do?
    PRAD Radiation Partners, Ltd is a Radiation Safety Management & Consultancy company dedicated to providing radiation safety within the health care and industrial environment.v
  • What is Dosimetry/Radiation Monitoring?
    Science or process of calculating someone’s radiation energy absorption. (Deep, Shallow, & Eye)
  • Who is required to be monitored?
    All personnel in around radiation sources and/or handling radioactive material.
  • Can more than one person share a badge?
    No, each badge # is assigned to one person for the lifetime of that badge.
  • How do I wear my Dosimetry Badge?
    Whole Body Badge should be placed over the heart or chest.
  • Will I be contacted if my dose level is high?
    If your badge exceeds your reporting period permissible, you will be contacted by our technician with your dose.
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PRAD Radiation Partners, Ltd. has local offices and affiliates within Central America and the Caribbean providing prestigious clients with quality radiation protection and medical physics services. A few of our locations include: 

  • Costa Rica

  • Guatemala

  • El Salvador

  • Nicaragua

  • Honduras

  • Panama

  • Jamaica

  • Trinidad 

  • Tobago


Meet The Team

Our team is composed of Medical Physicists, Nuclear Engineers, Radiotherapists Doctors and Radiologists. We also have the support of Proxdose, a U.S. based corporation and our sister companies located in Mexico, Peru and Switzerland.

Cindy Ramirez

Assistant Manager

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Elizabeth Paucar, MBA

Director, Business Development

Mobile: 954-240-7770

Isaac Headshot image2.jpg

Jorge Issac Rojas

Director, Physicist


PRAD Chief of Staff- PWilliams.jpg

Phylicia Williams

Chief of Staff


David Sanchez.jpg

David Sanchez

Dosimetrist and Radiation Protection Expert

Cindy Ramirez Assit Manager.jpg
Reina Jimenez.jpg

Reina Jimenez

Medical Physicist

Giuliana Reyes.jpg

Giulana Reyes

Medical Physicist

Ricardo Mejias.jpg

Ricardo Mejias

Medical Physicist

stephanie quesada.jpg

Stephany Quesada


Mariela Lopez.jpg

Mariela Lopez


leonel gonzalez.jpg

Leonel Gonzalez

TLD Laboratory Expert

Gabriela Leon.jpg

Gabriela Leon Gonzalez



Sergio Hidalgo

Dosimetist and Therapist

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