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  • What we do?
    PRAD Radiation Partners, Ltd is a Radiation Safety Management & Consultancy company dedicated to providing radiation safety within the health care and industrial environment.v
  • What is Dosimetry/Radiation Monitoring?
    Science or process of calculating someone’s radiation energy absorption. (Deep, Shallow, & Eye)
  • Who is required to be monitored?
    All personnel in around radiation sources and/or handling radioactive material.
  • Can more than one person share a badge?
    No, each badge # is assigned to one person for the lifetime of that badge.
  • How do I wear my Dosimetry Badge?
    Whole Body Badge should be placed over the heart or chest.
  • Will I be contacted if my dose level is high?
    If your badge exceeds your reporting period permissible, you will be contacted by our technician with your dose.
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